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Stowable Pontoon Boat Ladder

New Compact Fold & Store Pontoon Boat Ladder!
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Fold & Store Pontoon Ladder:
  • 4-Step Fold and Store Pontoon Boat Ladder
  • Made of 1"(in) Diameter Anodized Aluminum Tubing
  • Comfortable, Heavy-Duty and Durable black plastic steps
  • Flush Cup mounting system
  • Easy to install, remove and store under your pontoon seats - (Only 4"(in) high when folded)
  • Durable and Corrosion Resistant
  • Extremely Lightweight - This ladder will actually Float!
  • Ladder Weight is only 5.95lbs.
  • All mounting hardware included
  • 300lbs. Weight Capacity

When Folded:

  • Total Length is 30"(in)
  • Total Height is 4"(in)

When Extended:

  • Total Ladder Length is 44"(in)
  • Total Ladder Width is 15-5/8"(in)
  • Inner Step Width is 12-1/8"(in)
  • Spacing between steps is 9-1/2"(in) to 10"(in) apart
  • Steps are 2-3/8"(in) Deep
  • Ladder top hook inner depth is 6-1/4"(in) (Outer is 7-1/4"(in))
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Great ladder for any type of pontoon boat. This Boat Ladder slides into and out of, included, flush-mounted cups or is able to hook easily over any gunwale. Heavy Duty and Durable aluminum tubing construction. Lightweight and easy to handle. This ladder is so lightweight it will actually float! Folds up and stores easily under any pontoon seat. When folded this ladder is only 4"(in) high!

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Fold & Store Pontoon Ladder Installation:

Flush Mounting Cup Installation:

  • Open the pontoon fence gate on one side of your pontoon boat.
  • On the deck of the pontoon measure the bottom opening width. (From fixed fence post to fixed fence post)
  • Divide the width by 2 to find the center measure of the gate opening.
  • From one end of the gate opening measure out to the distance found after dividing the total opening width by 2 in the above step. (For example: If your total opening width was 28"(in) then measure 14"(in) from one end of the fence opening to find the center) Mark this point with an object, such as a screw or a pencil.
  • The inner width between the ladder's vertical tubes is about 12"(in) - The outer width is about 14"(in)
  • The ladder's vertical tubing is 1"(in) in diameter.
  • Given this we now know that the distance to the center of each tube is 13"(in)
  • So from your marked center point measure 6-1/2"(in) in both directions and mark. Or place your tape measure with your marked center point at 6-1/2"(in) and make one mark at the start of the tape and another mark at the 13"(in) hash.
  • By doing the above step you have now found the center point of where the flush mounting cup should be installed.
  • Now that you have found the position, right to left, that the cups should be installed you must measure the depth at which they should be placed. Or the distance from the edge of the pontoon deck inward.
  • Both of the marks that you have made in the above steps should be about 5-1/2"(in) inward from the edge of the pontoon deck. You my use a square or anything with a right-angle to transfer your original marks forward or back until you achieve the right depth. The depth measurements may vary from boat to boat, just make sure that both mounting cups are the same distance from the edge of the deck.
  • Once your center points are marked place the center point of your hole saw on each mark and drill out an opening into the deck.
  • Once your holes are drilled you may insert the recessed mounting cups and secure down with the 6 phillips head screws that were included with your ladder.
  • Now you may go and enjoy the rest of your day out on the water.

Ladder Installation:

  • Ladder must be mounted on side of pontoon boat to allow the mid-section of the ladder to rest against the side of the pontoon tube or "toon". (See the "Images" tab above for reference)
  • Mounting cups may be recessed and installed to either side of your pontoon boat. Extra mounting cups are available above and will be needed if you plan on using this ladder on multiple sides of your pontoon boat. Two (2) flush ladder mounting cups and needed hardware are included with purchase of each Fold & Stow Pontoon Ladder.
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