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Pontoon Carpet Kits

Pontoon Carpet  Kits

Boat Carpet Central proudly offers Complete Pontoon Carpet Kits. Kits include a roll of rubber backed marine grade carpeting, marine grade carpet glue, new fence bolts, your choice of new deck screws or deck bolts and new fence risers to ensure proper drainage and help in preventing mold and mildew. Choose from any of our 16', 20' 25' and 30' long packages. All of our pontoon carpet will ship FREE within 24-48 hours. All carpet comes standard with a 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty!

Choose the style/oz. of 8.5ft. wide carpet below / Choose carpet color and length on the next page.

standard pontoon carpet kitpremium pontoon carpet kit
Standard 16oz. Pontoon Carpet KitPremium 20oz. Pontoon Carpet Kit
luxury pontoon carpet kit
Luxury 24oz. Pontoon Carpet Kit

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