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Bass Boat Carpet Installation Guide

bass boat carpet

Bass Boat Carpet Installation Guide

  • Step 1

First, remove all your storage compartment lids and hardware. Make sure you get the old marine glue off. 

  • Step 2

After scraping the old glue off everywhere the bass boat was carpeted, take your drill with the stripping wheel and go over the areas that had glue on it. The cleaner the surface the better. Vacuum and wipe the areas down.

  • Step 3

Next, measure and cut the boat carpet, start with the bass boat deck first. Take a rough measurement; make sure you allow more than enough carpet, so you can trim it. Make sure your grain is going in the right direction. Work on one section at a time. We found it best to use a roller or paint brush and apply the glue to the boat deck and lay the carpet on top: it helps to have another person to help you with this.

  • Step 4

Situate the carpet where you want it, and then start pressing and rubbing the carpet down, from the center to the edges. Let the excess carpet over hang the edges for now.

  • Step 5

Press the boat carpet to the edges where you want to trim it. Take a phillips screwdriver and run it along the edge, with pressure, where the trim cut will be. You will notice the screwdriver will make a line on the edge. This is  where you will cut it. It's good to use a sharp knife or pair of scissors, always measure twice and cut once!

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