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Marine Blue Berber Marine Carpet (20oz)

Premium, Textured, Berber Style Marine Carpeting!
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marine blue berber marine carpet

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Carpet Specs

Marine Grade 20oz. Berber Boat Carpeting Details:

Carpet Color: MARINE BLUE

  • 20oz. Berber Textured Marine Carpeting
  • Mildew and Moisture Resistant
  • Fade Resistant/UV Resistant - Manufactured with high quality ultraviolet yarn.
  • Ravel Resistant - Unlike other boat carpeting, this carpet will not unravel over time.
  • Superior Rubber Backing - Allowing your boat deck to dry out faster helping prevent mold and mildew.
  • Exceeds non-flammable requirements by the Department of Commerce.
  • Extremely Ply able and easy to cut - Great in small spaces and around lids/hatches on your boat.
  • Easy to clean with household cleaner and warm water.
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty!
  • A perfect "Do-It-Yourself" application!

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Carpet Style

(Best) Berber 20oz. Marine Carpeting:

Our 20oz. Berber Marine Grade Boat Carpet may be used for any marine or outdoor application. This marine carpet offers an added touch of style and comfort to your boat when compared to the standard cut-loop carpeting. Enjoy all the qualities of a premium 20oz. cut loop marine carpet with an added luxury berber carpet look and feel. Marine grade berber textured boat carpeting gives you the opportunity to transform your boat into a luxury watercraft this season without paying the luxury watercraft price.

All of the marine carpet we offer is rubber backed, fade resistant, ravel resistant and extremely ply-able making it easy to work with.

Our quality Marine Grade Carpeting has a Superior Rubber Backing to help prevent water from seeping below the carpet and reaching the wood deck or floor. This not only extends the life of your boat's deck/floor but also allows it to dry out faster helping to prevent mold and mildew.

This 20oz. Berber Marine Carpeting is offered in 9 different colors and many different sizes. Custom cut carpet lengths are available!

All of our marine grade carpeting is made in the USA and comes with a Two (2) Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

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Would you like FREE samples of our Marine Grade Carpet before you make a purchase?

No problem! We will be happy to send you Free samples of any style and color carpet that we offer.

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Carpet Install

Need help installing your new boat carpeting?

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If you have any other questions about installing your boat carpet, please feel free to contact us by phone (866-237-0075) or by email @ ( It would be our pleasure to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Thank You!

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