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5" Pontoon Fence Bolt Kit (100)

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Price: $24.99
5" Pontoon Fence Bolt Kit (100)
5" Pontoon Fence Bolt Kit (100)
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Looking to Replace your worn out fence bolts?

At Restore Pontoon we have a New and Improved Fence Bolt Kit.  We updated our pontoon fence bolt kit to include a phil truss head fence bolt, this will allow for easy installation.  We also upgraded the stainless steel nuts as these nuts will not seize or gum up upon installation.

This stainless steel pontoon fence bolt kit is used to secure your railing to your pontoon boat deck quickly and easily. Our fence bolt kit includes all the hardware you will need to completely replace your old or broken fence bolts. When re-installing your boat railing we would suggest that you place pontoon fence risers between the railing and the deck of the boat if you do not already have some. These little plastic risers will significantly increase the life of your deck and carpet by allowing water to drain off the deck of your boat and prevent mold and dirt build-up around the edges of the fencing.

Dimensions: 1/4"- 20 x 5"

  • 32 - 5" Stainless Steel/ chrome plated threaded Bolts
  • 64 - 1"(in) Stainless Steel Washers
  • 32 - 1/4- 20 316 SS Stainless Steel Nylon Lock Nuts
  • 1/4"(in) Diameter Bolts - 20 threads per inch
  • Phillips
  • This pontoon boat hardware is in stock and will ship within 24hrs of placing your order.
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