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Better Marine Carpet

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Premium 20oz. boat carpet. Our most demanded marine carpet! 20oz. carpet contains more carpet fibers per square inch than our 16oz boat carpet. It has all the same qualities as the 16oz. marine grade boat carpet but is more plush. Offered in 11 different colors and sizes.
All of our quality carpet is rubber backed, fade resistant and ravel resistant. This boat carpeting is also non-flammable, extremely ply able, very easy to clean and install. Perfect "Do-It-Yourself" application. All replacement boat carpet offered is the same if not similar to the boat carpet used on brand new boats by the industry's top manufactures! Every carpet style that we carry may be used as pontoon boat carpet, bass boat carpet, bayliner boat carpet, deck boat carpet, patio carpet, or any other indoor/outdoor carpet application. All boat carpet on this site comes with a 3 Year Warranty!